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First Place 2009 Royal Palm Literary Awards

“A Compelling Read; Page-turner.”
“The beginning of a Hundred Years' War is the backdrop for a compelling tale filled with treachery, determination, and love. Moore captures the imagination with her vivid portrayal of the era and interesting characters.”
~ Romantic Times 4 stars, Sensuality rating: Mild.

“The vivid storytelling, combined with the strong characters and compelling plot make this book well worth reading.   I found myself strongly reminded of the classic “Forever Amber”, so if you enjoyed that book you'll likely enjoy this one as much, though I felt that Jeanne was actually a much stronger female lead. In any case, I highly recommend it.” ~ You Gotta Read Reviews

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“The characters are fully developed, unique, interesting and easy to love. The plot is strong and full of life, the writing clear and evocative. I never once felt lost or confused, but only intrigued and determined to keep reading on to the end.
“ . . . I love the heroine in this story. Jeanne is a very strong female who rules this book and her life. Shes the type of woman we all wish we could be today.
“I simply can't say enough good things about this book. Its a great read and I highly recommend it to all historical fans.”

Rated Four Books  4 book rating graphic
~ Long and Short Reviews

“ . . . this is a very good historical romance with a strong female lead character. It's well-written and I really enjoyed it a lot. It was fun to read about a medieval age woman standing up for herself and even teaching the men a thing or two. Jeanne's adventures were exciting and interesting, and the story as a whole was very well thought out and vividly told. Definitely worth reading.”
     4 star graphic
~ LibraryThing

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