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About Jeanne of Clairmonde

First Place 2009 Royal Palm Literary Awards

As France prepares for the Hundred Years War, the king sends Squire Nicholas to relocate the occupants of Clairmonde. The estate is in a strategic location and will house troops for the duration of the war.

This is not the first time that Jeanne, heiress of Clairmonde, has been uprooted. She vows to petition the king for exemption, but to reach Paris, she must join forces with her evictor.

Undeterred by Squire Nicholas' wrath and warnings, she joins his troops as they make their way to Paris. Through imprisonment, ambush, and hardships, an attraction develops between Jeanne and her squire, but each of them is burdened by a past that keeps them apart.

Stalked by an unseen enemy, they arrive at the French court, where false accusations threaten to end Jeanne's dream of regaining her land.

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